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Height Forum – The most trusted source of human growth since 2000

Welcome to Height Forum

What is Height Forum?

Height Forum, as the name suggests, is an online plateform that allow you to post and answer questions related to height, which usually involve growing taller. For teenagers and others who are in puberty, communication and education on this matter is important because you want to do everything right to maximize your growth. For the people who are past the growing years but have the desire to be taller, the Height Forum provides you a place to discuss the possibility to gaining height after puberty.

Height Forum is completely free and is not associated with any company or products. Your information is safe with us.

What is Unique About Height Forum?

The Internet is changing. When Height Forum first started, the forum format worked very well. But as time went on, there was less real discussion and more spamming. And with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking channels, the forums are more or less outdated. Height Forum is aware of the changes and is constantly upgrading itself to keep the conversation about height open.

Height Forum Neutrality

Although there are many websites and forums that deal with the issue of human height, you may not know if they are telling the truth or simply going after your money. At HF, we have zero-tolerance for false information. We will do everything we can to protect you from scams and bad products. With that said, we encourage anyone who has had bad experience with certain companies/websites to post on HF. We and thousands of others will thank you for it.

Also, as an ethical website, Height Forum insists that members put their safety first. No information shared on this site can be qualified as professional medical advice. For this reason, we urge people to use their heads and talk to their doctors before they try anything. After all, what good does height increase do if you’ve hurt/crippled yourself during the process.

Is It Really Possible to Grow Taller After Puberty

That’s what we are here to find out. The website’s administrator (me) grew about 1 inch after he has stopped growing for more than 1 year. It was also about the time when I went through a routine suggested by some forum members. Was it luck, or did it actually work? I have no idea. All I know is that the more we talk about it, the more knowledgeable we will become. Hopefully one day we can find out exactly what to eat and what to do to be taller and be more confident about ourselves.